Friday, 13 June 2014

Looking for Help to Naturally Enhance the Body

Women love to look their best and will go to great lengths to achieve it. To maintain a good body, you generally eat healthy and workout on a daily basis. However, sometimes that is not enough. There are many women that are not happy with the way their body looks. Whether it is their breast size, their butt, or the cellulite found on their body, women are looking for other ways to correct the imperfections. At chicago, you can learn about the different procedures performed by Dr. Jaffer Joffrey in his Chicago Lipo Center Praxis and his colleagues offer to see if this is the right center for you.

One of the major issues many women have is their breast size. Each year, women opt to have a breast augmentation so that they can achieve bigger and fuller breasts. Dr. Joffrey and his staff offer a technique called breast fat transfer. This technique uses the patient's body fat to achieve a more natural look to bigger and fuller breasts. This technique can only achieve a one or two cup size enhancement, so for those that want a more dramatic look, then they would have to opt for implants.
Another very common area women often times have work done is on their butt. It may sound strange, but it is very common to have a Brazilian butt lift. Again, this involves the transfer of fat to shape and size the butt area to what the patient desires. The transfer of the patient's own body fat yields much more success and is safer than other treatments involving implants. Along with these enhancements, the center also specializes in cellulite correction.

Cellulite is a very common problem that affects 90% of women, whether they are overweight or slim. Cellulite is simply hardened fat that looks like dimpled skin, kind of like the skin of an orange. The areas that are generally affected by cellulite are the butt, thighs and breasts. Among the many other procedures Dr. Joffrey and enhancing breasts with fat transfer his staff offer is a way to correct the look of cellulite so that you can wear a bikini with confidence. You can contact the center today to set up a consultation if you are thinking of having any work done on the different procedures mentioned. The doctors and staff are highly trained and very professional in their field. Putting the patient first, the facility is among the leading centers in the Chicago area for body enhancements.

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